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Smart phone & tablet development

Smart phones and tablets are now the primary tool used to find clubs at the moment a prospect is ready to join.

Over 72% of Americans now carry web enabled smartphones, A product that did not exist Before 2007.


Gym and Health Club teams that are reaching consumers on these most Intimate of devices, are realizing significant gains while positioning for success in coming decades. TAG Has been that the forefront of this recent technology since inception. Our foresight into the importance of this new technology and its affect on all local businesses has given clients an extreme advantage in a time of uncertainty. TAG helps clients profit from channels within mobile which drive ROI, while avoiding those without potential benefit.

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TAG knows what works and generates return on valuable marketing dollars, while helping clients to avoid mobile marketing options that are not profitable.

TAG can give your marketing the benefit of these incredible new tools. More importantly we help you stay relevant and notice in a rapidly changing Fitness environment.



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