Some websites can turn as few as 2% of prospects to new members while others over 25%.

The difference is in the science of CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION.

Double or more trial members with our Exclusive process.


The benefits to observing the behaviors of tens of millions of member prospects on various websites is obvious. The benefit to testing hundreds of different page layouts, text combinations, amenities features and other aspects is invaluable to your marketing dollars.

TAG can bring your clubs marketing a benefit almost no other team on Earth can. The TAG Team has the advantage of observing tens of millions of new member prospects on hundreds of different websites. We have performed hundreds of tests like multi variable, split A/B and others to determine what elements convert the most web visitors to paid members. Our experience and proven track record in this area alone pays for our services many times over.

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If you have “in house” help or are using a marketing partner that does not specialize in the health club industry and has not observed millions of new member prospects they are probably “learning on your dime” and it will be a costly lesson for your marketing budget.


No other online marketing programs can give such unprecedented success right out of the gates based on immense amounts of analytic data and scientific observation. Give us a call today to discuss how we can put a wealth of knowledge and experience to work for your brand during a time of historic change in fitness marketing.